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(All characters in the stories in The Nicolls of Sachem's Neck)

Anne Jones

Anne Jones raised Anne Charlotte DeLancey, the daughter of her husband's niece Eliza Floyd and her husband John Peter DeLancey, who they left in England when they were forced to flee to America in 1790.

Tom Jones

Thomas Jones, the chief justice of the Colonial Court in New York fled to England in 1781 to seek healing at the waters at Bath after having spent a year in captivity. He took with him his wife Anne DeLancey Jones and his niece Eliza Floyd.


Charles Dering, the son of Sylvester Dering and Esther Sarah Havens Dering, befriended his wife's cousine Susan DeLancey and her husband James Fenimore Cooper in upstate New York and they invested together in the whaling ship the Union, which encouraged him to invest in whaling in Sag Harbor for the rest of his life.

Charles Crane

Charles Henry Crane married Sarah Payne Nicoll. He served with distinction in the medical corps during the Civil War and became the Surgeon General of the United States. Sarah and Charles had one son, Charles Nicoll Crane.

Marie Nicoll

Marie Nicoll fell in love with Ezra Youngs, a young preacher at the Shelter Island church, but was forbidden by her father to marry him. She did was was disowned. She and Ezra thrived in Cutchogue with a loyal congregation and many children.


Solomon Townsend Nicoll married Charlotte Ann Nicoll on November 22, 1851. He worried about his health and self-medicated with alcohol, eventually becoming addicted. He was a nasty drunk and caused no end of concern in Charlotte's family.

John McAdam

John Loudon McAdam was sent to New York as a young boy to learn the trading business with his uncle. He fell in love with Gloriana Margaretta Nicoll 2 and they were married in garrison New York City in 1778. They fled to England in 1783 and there he became famous for the technologies he created for road building.

Sam Nicoll

Samuel Benjamin Nicoll 2 was a lawyer who married Sarah Brown Payne of Flushing. They had seven children whom they raised at Sachem's Neck in the mid-Nineteeth Century.

Ben Nicoll

Samuel Benjamon Nicoll 3, known as Ben, was Samuel and Sarah Nicoll's first born son. He studied both medicine and the law and decided to be a doctor, practicing primarily on the East End. He married three times, but had to issue.

Maude Churchill

Maude Churchilll married DeLancey Nicoll.


DeLancey Nicoll, Charlotte and Solomon's first born son. He graduated from St. Paul's School, Princeton University, and Columbia Law School. He became a successful and highly respected lawyer in New York City.


Edward Holland Nicoll was Charlotte and Solomon's third son. His twin sister was Mary Townsend Nicoll. He married Edith Travers. He died in an automobile accident in 1915.

Robert Abbott

Robert Osborn Abbott, a Civil War doctor, courted Gloriana Margaretta Nicoll 4. Before they could wed, he died of a disease he had contrtacted during the war.


Jeremy Rivington, after whom Rivington Place is named, was a newspaper man before, during, and after the Revolutionary War.


James Fenimore Cooper married Susan DeLancey whose cousin was Eliza Floyd Nicoll who married Charles Thomas Dering.

Emma Willard

Emma Willard founded the Troy Female Seminary (now known as Emma Willard School). She was a leader in the field of women's education. Sarah and Glory both attended her school.

Eben Horsford

Eben Horsford, a teacher at Albany Female Academy, left to travel to Germany to study chemistry. Following his return he was appointed to the faculty at Harvard College and later married Mary Gardiner eventually becomng the proprietor of Sylvester Manor on Shelter Island.


Alonzo Crittenden had been the headmaster of the Albany Female Acdemy for 20 years when Charlotte entered the school. Soon after she left in 1845, he moved to head schools in Brooklyn for the next 30 years. He was much beloved by students and parents alike.

Delafield Brothers

The Delafield Brothers: all distinquished members of the New York Community in the 19th Century. Edward, on left, was Solomon Townsend Nicoll's doctor and he signed his dealth certificate in 1864.