© 2013 Patricia and Edward Shillingburg

We first want to acknowledge the friendship of Alma Nicoll Baker and her husband R. Palmer Baker, Jr., a partner in the law firm of Lord, Day & Lord in New York City, who are both now buried in the Nicoll cemetery at Sachem’s Neck; they encouraged our early explorations of the Shelter Island Nicoll family. We thank their daughter Mary Eaton and her son Hal Fickett for their interest. We are especially indebted to the daughters of DeLancey Nicoll III: Jessica Nicoll, the director and curator of the Smith College Museum who arranged for Smith College to financially support the internship of Lisa Joung in the Summer of 2011, and her sister Leslie Nicoll of Maine.

For academic assistance, we sought the help of Paul Helmreich, a History Professor Emeritus at Wheaton College who also solicited the help of history professor Kathryn Tomasek and archivist Zephorene Stickney. We thank all three of them for their encouragement and wise counsel.

Alison McKay, the Bayside Historical Society’s curator, devoted considerable time to our project and gave us access to maps and pictures which helped us understand exactly where Solomon Townsend Nicoll’s house was in Bayside. We want to acknowledge the help we received from the staffs at the New-York Historical Society, the Failes Library at New York University, the Museum of the City of New York, the New York Public Library, and the Long Island Collection at the East Hampton Library.

Mary Laura Lamont, the Park Ranger at the William Floyd Estate, enthusiastically offered her knowledge of the Floyd family who played an intertwining role in the lives of the Nicolls.

We are deeply indebted to the staff at Mashomack Preserve, particularly Michael Laspia, the director, for making it – particularly the Nicoll Cemetery and the Manor House – available to us at a moment’s notice.

The Rector of St. Mary’s Church, Joel Ireland, and the Episcopal Bishop of Long Island, Lawrence Provenzano, have been most generous with their cooperation.

We feel compelled to acknowledge that the Internet has been extraordinarily helpful. Much genealogical information has been found there. We have relied on it for historical insights. And, it has provided outstanding surprises, such as the portraits of Mary Nicoll Youngs and Robert Osborn Abbott.

Our archival partner, who always gives us immediate support, is Phyllis Wallace at the Shelter Island Historical Society. She was often assisted by the curator Beverlea Walz. Pat Mundus was the supportive executive director early in our project, and we cannot begin to express our gratitude to Nanette Lawrenson, executive director, who has been our steadfast cheerleader since the book began to take form.

Our book designer Sam Lebowitz created a beautiful book and has been energetically steadfast in demanding excellence from our printer. We are equally appreciative of the tireless efforts of our readers, some of whom have willingly read many times the ever changing manuscript: Christina Cunningham, Jonnet Abeles, Janet D’Amato, Nancy Robin Jaicks, Gary Paul Gates, Phyllis Gates, Sue Hine, Lucy Kelly, Stephanie Lebowitz, Kirsten Lewis, Robert Lipsyte, Lois Morris, Pieter Ruig, and Susanna Louer Whelpley. There are also friends who offer encouragement and they include Barney McHenry, Gary Sick, and Elizabeth and Bill Pedersen.

Of course, nothing is possible without the enthusiasm of adult children for their parents’ projects, and therefore we are grateful for the support of our children Donald Shillingburg and his wife Petra Cahill, and Emily Shillingburg Palus and her husband Dr. Matthew Palus.

Patricia and Edward Shillingburg